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China HPMC for gypsum

Hydroxypropyl-methyl hpmc industry grade is a non-ionic hpmc industry grade ether. It has uncommon and valuable composite physical and chemical properties,according to difference replacement degree of replacement group and modified degree.

HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose for Tile Adhesive.jpg


A. Industry grade

Used as construction material such as plaster,renders,mortars,tile adhesive,fillers,emulsion paints.or used for PVC polymerization.

B. Medical grade

The product is a medical accessory material for may can be used for densifiers,dispersing reagent,emulsifing agent,Lubricator and former’s used as an adhesive and coating film in tables,increasing markedly rate of dissolution and release and strength water proof for tables and also be used as mixed dispersing reagent,eye drop reagent,controlled released matrix tables,it is combined with other synthetic polymers and gel-type drug products to prevent ethanol separated from transparent gel drug while improve water keep ability.


HPMC can be directly used to food as effective emulsification reagent,adhesive,thickening reagent as well as can be used as packing materials.

D. Cosmetic.

According to properties of HPMC,it can be used as thickening agent,emulsification reagent,suspending reagent,stabilizing reagent,water retention reagent,rheological behavior reagent,Thus be used in all kinds of cosmetic products.

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