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Various mortar formulas

1.Product classification

① According to the function of plastering mortar, it can be divided into:

Generally, the plastering mortar can be divided into ordinary plastering mortar, decorative plastering mortar, waterproof plastering mortar, and plastering mortar with some special functions (such as thermal insulation, acid resistance, anti-ray mortar), etc.

② According to the classification of cementing materials used in plastering mortar

A. Plastering mortar (cement, gypsum or hydrated lime) using inorganic binder.

B. Use cement, redispersible powder or slaked lime as a decorative decorative stucco mortar.

C.Cement-based plastering is used for exterior coating and wet rooms, while gypsum-based plastering is dedicated to interior walls.

2. Reference formula

For the non-special functional brick wall internal and external plastering mortar, it is generally common to choose a compressive strength of 10MPa or 15MPa, but low-strength and high-strength products can also be produced according to specific special requirements.

The formulation recommendation is to add 1% to 4% of RE5010N to the cement or lime-cement-based decorative plaster, which can improve its adhesion, wear resistance and flexibility. In addition, it is also recommended to add 0.2% to 0.4% of cellulose ether, starch ether or a mixture of the two. It is especially recommended to use water-repellent redispersible latex powders to improve batching and plastering performance.

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