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Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose(HPMC) Building Grade

HPMC is widely used in building materials, coatings, synthetic materials, ceramics, medicine, food, textile, agriculture, cosmetics, tobacco and other industries. Domestic HPMC is practically building grade. In building grade, putty powder is used In a large amount, about 90% of which is used for putty powder, and the rest is used for cement mortar and glue.

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The content and viscosity of hydroxypropyl group are two indicators that most users are concerned about. High hydroxypropyl content, water retention is generally better. Viscosity, water retention, relative (rather than absolute) is better, and viscous, better in cement mortar.

HPMC plays three roles in putty powder: thickening, water retention and construction.

Thickening: Cellulose can be thickened to suspend, make the solution uniform up and down, anti-hanging.

Water retention: Make putty powder dry slowly, and assist lime-calcium reaction under the action of water.

Construction: Cellulose has lubricating effect, which can make putty powder have good workability.