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What is the reason for the poor adhesion of mortar? How to solve it?

Analysis of the cause of poor adhesion between mortar and brick

1.Low-strength grade mortar, such as cement mortar, because cement mortar and workability are poor, squeezing mortar when masonry is strenuous

2.Building walls with dry bricks dehydrates the mortar at an early stage and reduces its strength, and the adhesion with the bricks decreases, while the dust on the surface of the dry bricks acts as an isolation, weakening the bonding between the bricks and the mortar layer

3.In order to save the scraping process, a large-shrinkage ash laying method was adopted to build a clear water wall. The shrinkage depth of the masonry brick joint was more than 20mm, which not only reduced the fullness of mortar, but also increased the work of hooking.

Preventive measures

1.Improving the mortar and workability is the key to ensure the fullness of the mortar and increase the bonding strength. The choice of mortar raw materials is very important. The sand cement should be within the shelf life, the thickener cellulose ether and the redispersible polymer powder to improve the adhesion of the mortar should be selected from regular factory. Here we recommend you the cellulose HPMC from Hebei Yuebao Technology Co.,Ltd.

2.Improve masonry methods. It is not advisable to use mortar laying or brick laying, and the "Three One Bricklaying Method" should be promoted, that is, using a large shovel, a brick, a shovel ash, a squeeze and rub.

3.When using the mortar method, the length of the mortar must be controlled. The general temperature should not exceed 750mm. When the temperature exceeds 30 ℃ during construction, it must not exceed 500mm

4.During winter construction, the brick surface should be properly moistened before being masonry under positive temperature conditions. When the bricks cannot be poured during construction under negative temperature, the consistency of the mortar should be increased appropriately. For the 9-degree seismic fortification area, masonry cannot be carried out when the bricks cannot be burned in severe winter.

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