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Application method of Redispersible Polymer Powder and its wide application

How to use Redispersible Polymer Powder:

Ash Method: 

Take a certain amount of redispersible polymer powder, weigh it and place it in a metal container. The temperature will rise to about 500 degrees. After a high temperature of 500 degrees, it will be cooled to normal temperature and weighed again. Light weight means good quality.

Dissolving method:

Take a certain amount of redispersible polymer powder and dissolve it in 5 times the mass of water. Stir well for 5 minutes and observe. In principle, the less insolubles that settle to the bottom layer, the better the quality of the redispersible polymer powder. This method is simple and easy to implement.

Film-forming method:

Take a certain amount of redispersible polymer powder, dissolve it in 2 times water, stir well and let stand for 2 minutes, and stir again. Pour the solution on a flat, clean glass, and place the glass in a ventilated shade. When it is sufficiently dry, lift off. Observe the peeled polymer film. High transparency and good quality. Then moderate pulling, good elasticity and good quality. The film was cut into strips and immersed in water. After 1 day of observation, the quality of the film that was dissolved by water was good. This method is more objective.

Redispersible polymer powder can increase the dense bond between cement mortar particles and polymer film. Enhanced adhesion, adding redispersible polymer powder, correspondingly, the ability of the mortar to receive shear stress is improved, the wear rate is reduced, the wear resistance is improved, and the service life of the mortar is prolonged.

Redispersible polymer powder improves freeze-thaw stability and effectively prevents cracking of the material. The plasticity of its thermoplastic resin can redisperse polymer powder. It can overcome the thermal expansion and contraction damage caused by the temperature difference to the cement mortar material. Overcoming the shortcomings of simple cement mortar, such as large shrinkage deformation and easy cracking, can make the material flexible and improve the durability and stability of the data.

Redispersible polymer powder improves bending resistance and tensile resistance: the film of the redispersible polymer powder is elastic and tough, and forms in the rigid skeleton of cement mortar after hydration. Between the cement mortar particles and the particles, it functions like a movable joint, and can withstand high deformation loads, reduce stress, and improve tensile and bending resistance.

Redispersible polymer powder improves impact resistance: It is a thermoplastic resin. It covers a soft film on the surface of mortar particles, which can redisperse polymer powder. Can absorb the impact of external force, relax without breaking, thereby improving the impact resistance of the mortar.

Redispersible polymer powder improves hydrophobicity and reduces water absorption: it can improve the microstructure of cement mortar. Its polymer forms an irreversible network during the hydration of cement, adding redispersible polymer powder. The capillary tube in the cement gel is closed to block the absorption of water, prevent the penetration of water, and improve the impermeability.

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