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Simple Introduction of Redispersible Polymer Powder

Redispersible polymer powder is water-soluble white or off-white flowable powder, copolymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate, and polyvinyl alcohol as protective colloid.Because redispersible powders have high binding ability and unique properties, such as water resistance, workability, and heat insulation, they have an extremely wide range of applications.

Recommended use

◇ Tile adhesive

◇ Bonding mortar for external wall insulation system

◇ External wall external insulation system

◇ Tile jointing agent

◇ Self-flowing cement mortar

◇ Inside and outside flexible putty

◇ Flexible anti-crack mortar

◇ Plastic powder polystyrene particle insulation mortar

◇ Dry powder coating

◇ Polymer mortar products with higher requirements for flexibility


It has extremely outstanding waterproof performance, good bonding strength, increases the elasticity of the mortar and has a longer open time, giving the mortar excellent alkali resistance, improving the adhesion / adhesion of the mortar, flexural strength, plasticity, and In addition to abrasive properties and workability, it has stronger flexibility in flexible crack-resistant mortar.

The Effect of the Redispersible Polymer Powder

1. The redispersible latex powder is dispersed to form a film and play a reinforcing role as a second adhesive

2. The protective colloid is absorbed by the mortar system (will not be destroyed by water after film formation, or "secondary dispersion")

3. Film-forming polymer resin is used as a reinforcing material to distribute throughout the mortar system, thereby increasing the cohesion of the mortar

The role of Redispersible Polymer Powder in wet mortar

Improve workability performance;

Improve flow performance;

Increase thixotropy and sag resistance;

Improve cohesion;

Extended opening hours;

Enhance water retention.

The role of redispersible emulsion powder after the mortar is cured:

Increase tensile strength;

Increase bending strength;

Reduce elastic modulus;

Improve deformability;

Increase material compactness;

Increase wear resistance

Increase cohesive strength;

Reduce carbonation depth;

Reduce material water absorption;

Make the material have excellent water-increasing ability.

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