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Water resistant putty and benefits

Water resistant putty and benefits

All indoor building putty are divided into three categories:

1.Worst-"Fake Putty" who can't meet this standard

This type of putty is mainly made by mixing on-site ore powder and glue, which is easy to bulge, peel, crack, and has a very short life. Fall into this category.

2.Medium-Products that meet the general putty standards

This type of product has been explicitly restricted in most parts of the country. Although the firmness has been slightly improved, it is still easy to peel and crack, and has a shorter service life. 821 putty powder and 821 putty paste are typical ones.

3.Best-water resistant putty

Not only is it strong, there is no bulging, peeling, cracking, and it has a long service life.

Comparison of water-resistant putty and ordinary putty:

Water-resistant putty is a type of construction putty. In addition to "water-resistant (N-type)" products, there are also "general-type (Y-type)" products. The main difference between the two is water resistance and firmness. Water-resistant products require bonding strength of 0.50Mpa or more in the standard state, while the general type is only 0.30Mpa or more. In addition, water-resistant products require no peeling, cracking, or bulging after being immersed in water for 48 hours after scraping. And, it can reach the bonding strength above 0.30Mpa, but the general products will fall off after immersion in water, and the strength is zero.

Generally speaking, after the water-resistant putty is normally scraped on the wall, its service life should be more than 15 years, while the general non-water-resistant putty can only reach about 5 years if the outer layer is protected by latex paint. The biggest harm of these non-water-resistant putties is the short service life, which is easy to bulge, peel, and crack, which brings great hidden dangers to interior decoration.

In addition to good water resistance, water-resistant putty has the following characteristics.

01 feel good

The surface of the water-resistant putty is smooth and delicate after construction. The putty after light treatment will give a smooth feel and has a decorative effect.

02Good durability

Ordinary putty has poor water resistance, so it must be cleaned up together with the original paint before refurbishing, and then putty is scraped again. Not only does increased cost cause waste of resources, but also increase in the cost of decoration (material costs, labor costs), the wastes eliminated are difficult to recycle and cause pollution to the environment. Water-resistant putty is once and for all. After two, three, or more renovations after several years, there is no need to shovel the putty layer, polish the surface, and perform the next process after partial repair. body. Usually good water-resistant putty ensures the same life as the wall.

03Save Paint

The specific whiteness and denseness of water-resistant putty can make the coating adhesion and cover rate per unit area save 25-30% of the amount of paint compared to the wall using ordinary putty.

04High adhesion

JG / T298-2010 "Putty for interior use in buildings" has a clear stipulation on the strength of putty. The standard state bond strength of ordinary putty is greater than 0.25 MPa. There is no requirement for strength after immersion in water, and water-resistant putty requires standard state bond strength. It reaches 0.50MPa, and the bond strength after immersion in water is greater than 0.30MPa. It can be seen from the standard that the strength of water-resistant putty is higher than that of ordinary interior wall putties, so the use of water-resistant putty is not easy to cause hollowing and shedding.

05High cost performance

The unit price of water-resistant putty is 1-2 times the unit price of ordinary putty, which is also a factor affecting the promotion of water-resistant putty, but the decorative effect after using water-resistant putty is far from being achieved by ordinary putty. And from the comprehensive calculation of the amount of paint and the cost and construction cost of the putty during the second decoration, the use of water-resistant putty is more cost-effective.we are food grade CMC exporter,we can guarantee quality,visit us and request a quote today.